Commercial Landscape Installation,  is the process of installing an organized landscape plan within a contractual period. Landscape installations are normally done in the final steps of a commercial building, or they are done privately to redo previously installed landscapes.

Landscaped pond with fountains

Southeastern can assure that the following steps will be taken within the contractual period to install the landscape plan.

Initial Site Visit
Verify final grading
Irrigation Phase 1
Install Plants + Sod
Irrigation Phase 2
Mulch & Groundcovers
Client Walkthrough

Paper Landscape architecture plan on a laptop keyboard with pencil and keys

 Initial Site Visit

First things first, let’s meet in person. It sounds old-fashioned, but we need to establish a good working relationship.
Next what is the scope of work?  We should walk around your property and make a complete list of what is important.

Bearded Man with laptop talking across a table with a dark haired woman

Verify Final Grading

If this is a new Project, we will make sure the grading is complete and meets drainage standards.
If we need to assist in grading, we will inform you of what is needed and send an estimate for your approval.

Excavator moving dirt in a neighborhood subdivision setting

Irrigation Phase 1  

If your planning a new system, we will perform a design analysis to ensure cost effectiveness as well as feasibility.
If we are working on your existing system, we will take some time to ensure its functionality, this initial irrigation exam is $150.00.

Irrigation is simple at times, and very complicated when it chooses to be. Southeastern strives as professionals to install and repair systems correctly.

Water Sprinklers irrigating young plants

Receive Plant Material

Once the site irrigation is set up; the plants will be ordered.
Normally we coordinate the delivery schedule for the plants to be delivered onsite.
If the project will take longer to install than 1 day, we will do the plant install in phases.

Three medium sized Juniper trees on a flatbed truck ready for installation

Install Plants 2  

The big day is here. Finally we set out the plant material and we begin to dig holes, allot of holes.
Most of the time for plant material greater than 7gal, we will be bringing in some extra equipment to make the install go faster.
Once the holes are dug, we place the plants in the ground and backfill them with good fill dirt.

Small Trees in pots lined up ready for installation in a subdivision.

Irrigation Phase 2  

Now that all of the plants are installed, we will be able to adjust all the irrigation heads and make sure the drip emitters are fully functioning.
In the beginning of a plants new life cycle, it will require a lot of water.
Please make sure your familiar with your irrigation time clock, in just a few days, it will be necessary to change your run times.
Please ask for help if you need it.

Close up shot of a drip irrigation tube with a water droplet falling


After all the messes are finished, the area outside the reach of turf, will be blanketed with a touch of color.
Brown, Dark Brown, or even a darker brown. These items are installed by hand and any messes are cleaned up thoroughly.

Neatly manicured pine straw in a planting bed

Final Client Walk-through

The big day is here. All construction is finalized and the space is ready to be used.
This is where we go through everything and make sure you’re satisfied. We appreciate your business.
Normally we finalize our business and let our clients know to please call us if there are any issues with your install.
Warranties are conditional and are done on a case by case basis

Neatly manicured Pine Bark Mulch in a planting bed


Overhead view of a contractors meeting at a table on a construction site

Hardscape, ‘refers to hard landscape materials in the built environment structures that are incorporated into a landscape.[1] This can include paved areas, driveways, retaining walls, sleeper walls, stairs, walkways, and any other landscaping made up of hard wearing materials such as wood, stone, concrete etc. as opposed to softscape, the horticultural elements of a landscape’ (wikipedia).  Commercial Hardscape Installation,  is the process of installing an organized hardscape plan within a contractual period.

CAD Design layout of a park courtyard area.

Southeastern can assure that the following steps will be taken within the contractual period to install the Hardscape plan.

Design your custom Hardscape
Schedule the custom Hardscape
Construct the Hardscape
Finalize & clean up site.

Hand drawn sketch of a tree and a retaining wall.


First we need to establish the scope, this is a great opportunity to design a custom piece based on feedback from you.
Then we take your ideas and we draw them. Depending on the scope, the final construction drawings may require review from an engineer.

Perspective close-up view of a weekly calendar


Once we agree on the scope and finalize contracts, a production schedule will be established.
We follow close to it as possible, unfortunately mother nature has her own ideas sometimes.

Man assembling a concrete paver patio


We have some skilled mason’s. They are skilled craftsman who know how to make the bricks look good!
The attention to detail is amazing. Some projects take longer than others, but obviously depends on the job scope.

Square Concrete Fire Pit with Adirondack chairs around


Once we finish the project a final walkthrough is necessary. We double check the little things just to make it look great.
If something happens and there’s a discrepancy, we will use this time to make sure it is right.

Round Brick Fire pit in the center of a concrete courtyard.