Guided Hunting and Safari Services
Southeastern offers our clients the opportunity of a lifetime. We coordinate/organize wild game safari and trophy hunting in Southern Africa.

Wild Game Safari and Trophy Hunting on The African Savannah

Your safari can be enjoyed in South Africa, Namibia, or Mozambique. Our family friends own and operate Wild Wildebeest Safaris; a world class and premier safari company offering wild game, photo safari and trophy hunting and even organize day trips that are simply unforgettable.

Wild Game Safari and Trophy Hunting Impala grazing

Trip Schedule:

Eat – At SEHLC we know comfort food. Wild Wildebeest Safaris previously operated a catering venue in Pretoria. Prior to the once in a lifetime hunt guests are treated to a first class meal.
Hunt –  We specialize in unique hunting experiences. With 93 years combined hunting experience between all of the professional hunting staff, this makes for a fun and educational experience.
Sleep –  We have outstanding lodging facilities and we personally test out all of our facilities to make sure that they meet specific e-comfort standards.
Repeat– For us, hunting is addictive, so we’d strongly advise coming to visit again, and again.

Lion cub Wild Game Safari and Trophy Hunting